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Children in ghana engage in the worst forms of child labor, including in fishing and cocoa harvesting, sometimes as a result of human trafficking. Child trafficking in ghana united nations office on. Child trafficking into forced labor on lake volta, ghana. Pdf trends of child trafficking situation in nigeria and. On 21st march, 2017, iom ghana provided the ghana police service gps with six vehicles and equipment to combat child trafficking. Causes of child trafficking lund university publications.

Standard operating procedures to combat human traf. According to the statistics of child trafficking in ghana, out of 187 territories and countries, ghana was ranked at tier 2 in to watch list countries. Online mappers track child slavery in ghana a crowdsourcing project is working with the global fund to end slavery to produce accurate, public data. Standard operating procedures to combat human trafficking in. The above testimony from a togolese child depicts a brief moment in the long and terrifying ordeal of child trafficking. The 2017 report named enhancing criminal accountability and addressing challenges in prosecution efforts, is a report that sought to come up with solutions that will be effective in ending human slavery in the world. In ghana, west africa, the internal trafficking of children is one of the biggest challenges. In africa, governments largely rely on the implementation of social programs such as free education and poverty alleviation to.

Retrafficking in the coastal communities and the volta lake of ghana. Child trafficking is the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring. Policy brief on child trafficking in ghana challenging heights. Many ghanaian children are trafficked from their home villages to work in the fishing industry. Iom supports ghana police to combat child trafficking. Unicef innocenti research centre the unicef innocenti research centre in florence, italy, was established in 1988 to strengthen the research capability of the united nations childrens fund unicef and to support its advocacy for children worldwide. This is adequately captured in the state of the worlds children, 2006. Prohibitions related to the commercial sexual exploitation of children and the use of children for illicit activities do not meet international standards. Pdf retrafficking in the coastal communities and the. Trafficked children are exposed to violence, sexual abuse and all forms of diseases. Trafficking in human beings, especially women and children, in africa iii. Ghana is a transit point for west africans subjected to sex trafficking in europe, especially italy and germany. This type of enslavement, especially among children, could be human traffickingand is stillpractised in 36the volta region.

Most of these child victims were familiar with facilitators of trafficking, especially as. However, children in ghana continue to engage in the worst forms of child labor, including in fishing and cocoa harvesting, sometimes as a result of human trafficking. By raggie johansen human trafficking is an international problem affecting millions of people and many countries around the world. The migrationof girls and young women from northern ghana to the south in search of a betterlife has increased the number of people working as head porters commonly known as kayaye in accra. Ghana are ignorance and lack of education, the ghanaian culture of sending away. Childrens rights, agency and intrahousehold bargaining position article pdf available january 2019 with 34 reads. Children from west african countries are subjected to forced labor in ghana in agriculture or domestic service. Through the interviews it was found that, the root causes of trafficking in.

Special considerations for child victims of trafficking. The significance of the fishing sector in ghanas economy. With pqdt open, you can read the full text of open access dissertations and theses free of charge. From child labor problem to human trafficking crisis. According to the fifth annual trafficking in persons report tip issued on june 3, 2005 in washington, ghana has become an important source, transit and destination country for women and children trafficked for the purposes of sexual exploitation and forced domestic and commercial labour. Findings on the worst forms of child labor ghana u. Child trafficking is a major human security challenge, globally.

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